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The responsibility towards humanity and nature is an important benchmark of our daily work. Therefore, we do our utmost to respect all those involved in the value chain and to protect the environment.

On the following pages, we present some of our values and activities in the fields of raw material procurement, environmental protection, social aspects as well as our two sustainability reports.

100% sustainable certfied cocoa

Cocoa is the raw material around which our daily work revolves. Therefore it is very important for us to support social and ecosystem-friendly cultivation methods. Since 2014, we have completely converted our production to 100% sustainable certified cocoa that means we only use certified cocoa like organic, Naturland, Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance.

abstand fairtrade abstand rainforest-alliance abstand bio-eu abstand naturland

We use other important raw materials in our chocolates in addition to cocoa such as sugar, nuts or milk for which we also strive for a transparent and sustainable supply chain. We do not use genetically modified raw materials and additives in our chocolates.

German Initiative for Sustainable Cocoa

As an active member of the multi-stakeholder initiative German Initiative for Sustainable Cocoa (GISCO) we are committed to improving the living conditions of cocoa producers, to conserve biodiversity and to increase commercialization of sustainable produced cocoa. Within the German Initiative for Sustainable Cocoa the PRO PLANTEURS project in Ivory Coast is particularly noteworthy. The project aims in its second phase (from June 2020 until Mai 2025) to professionalise about 30,000 family cocoa-producing farms and their organisations in the south-eastern regions of Côte d'Ivoire in order to improve the living conditions of their families. One objective of the project is, in particular, to provide women with opportunities to improve their income situation and create a better nutritional basis for their families, thus creating a positive impact on their living conditions. In addition, the project contributes to making cocoa production more attractive again to young cocoa farmers, allowing them to earn a regular income from producing cocoa.


In 2020 we applied and received a certificate as a nominated company for the CSR Award OWL 2020. The jury especially praised our long-standing social commitment. 
"Weinrich's CSR commitment is not only so convincing because it has a multifaceted concept and covers the key areas of market relevance, employee orientation, environmental friendliness and community. It is also exemplary because it has been consistently developed over the years, linking the various levels of action and thus providing a coherent overall picture. Hopefully, it will also encourage imitation. "*

*Statement of Dr. Christoph von der Heiden, managing director of the IHK Ostwestfalen zu Bielefeld for the areas industry, public relations, national economy, innovation and environment. Juror of the CSR Prize OWL 2020.

The CSR Prize OWL is awarded to small and medium-sized companies from the region that are actively committed to economic, ecological and socially responsible business practices.