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Cooking and baking chocolate

The Weinrich chocolate factory offers a broad range of cooking and baking chocolates for domestic and commercial use. It can be used in pastries, desserts, pralines or in other areas like cocktails or tasty recipes. The aromas of a good chocolate can give dishes a very distinctive character!

Thanks to our huge selection, its many different uses and compelling quality Weinrich has achieved a first class reputation in the area of chocolate coating products. Consumers all over the world value our wealth of experience and the fine quality we offer.


High quality chocolate for cooking, baking and snacking.

200g Couverture

Couverture blocks for easy further processing for cooking and baking.

Couverture Drops

Delicately melting couverture drops for coating all kind of pastries or as snack for in between.

2,5 KG Couverture

Our unique couverture in bulk packaging for cooking and baking.

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