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Our new Sustainability Report

In June 2019, we published our vision of ecologically and socially responsible chocolate that inspires people all over the world for the first time in the form of a sustainability report. With our sustainability report, we follow the same principles of transparency and understanding as we do in our daily activities. In it, you can find out about our comprehensive sustainability activities, which we want to reflect on and improve in a continuous process. Our third sustainability report has now been published. Unlike in the two previous reports, in our third report we present the sustainability strategy we developed in 2021, which is divided into the areas of supply chain, team, resources and environment. We report comprehensively on the strategic goals of the individual areas of action, the successes we have already achieved and areas that still need to be scrutinised and show potential for improvement.

Sustainability Reporting according to the Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex (DNK; = German Sustainability Code)

In addition, we are obliged to fulfil the requirements of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) from 2025. To ensure that we are well prepared for this in the future, we have already implemented the reporting obligation in accordance with the DNK for 2022 and disclosed non-financial information. Here you can find our DNK-Erklärung 2022 (in German).

Our sustainability reports