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Donation to the Herford Fire Department

It was a great pleasure for us to hand over our donation to the Herford Fire Department: A new folding pavilion. For many years, it has been a good tradition in our family business to support clubs, associations and other socially or ecologically committed organizations in the region during the Christmas season. Marketing Manager Regina Rogalla emphasizes that the Herford Fire Department in particular has shown outstanding commitment to our region after last year's severe storms, which also affected Weinrich employees.

Fire Chief Karsten Buschmann was pleased with the support: "The donation is a sign of appreciation and thanks for our work.

The new collapsible pavilion, which measures 3 x 10 meters, can be used in a variety of ways: The youth fire brigade will use it at camps and events to recruit new members, and as a reliable weather shelter during extended operations.


Music festival for elementary school children

The association "Wittekinds Kultur" promotes art and culture since 2011, provides youth welfare in the sense of SGB8 §1 (3) 1/4 in the Wittekindskreis and is recognized by the finance office Herford as a non-profit and by the district of Herford as a sponsor of the free youth welfare. It is a member of the Kreisjugendring, the Gemeindejugendring Hiddenhausen and the Kreisheimatverein. 

On March 18, 2024, the large Children's music festivall 2024 will be held in the Stadtgarten Bünde by the sponsoring association Wittekinds Kultur e.V. for elementary schools from the district of Herford, as well as from Petershagen, Bad Oeynhausen, Minden, Hille and Porta Westfalica. This extraordinary festival offers a fantastic opportunity to discover and promote young talent and strengthen the local community.

As a family business, it is important to us to support the community and help it grow. We are proud to be part of a festival that brings so much joy and enthusiasm to the hearts of children and hope to make this event an unforgettable experience for them.

Cooperation with the Bielefelder Bulldogs


We are proud to support the growing sport of American football by partnering with a regional American football team, the Bielefelder Bulldogs. The Bulldogs were founded in 1986 as a pure American football team and later added Cheerleading and Basketball to their program. Today, they have over 750 members and nearly 1000 spectators at their games. As a locally rooted family business, it is important to us to support special sport clubs and projects. We are excited about the upcoming season and look forward to a close collaboration.


The Seahorse Project

From the article by Stadtsportverband Herford e.V.

In the 2022/23 school year, the Stadtsportverband Herford e.V. will once again be able to actively support swimming lessons at several schools in Herford. In cooperation with SC Herford and TV Elverdissen, trained instructors will once again practice the movements with the children in the water and teach them a positive approach to the material. [...]

Thanks to the great support of Volksbank Herford - Mindener Land eG and Ludwig Weinrich GmbH & Co. KG, the successful project that has been running since 2015 can be continued. Together, the two Herford-based companies are securing funding for the current school year with donations of €2,500 each.

"We have been supporters of the Seepferdchen project since day one. Volksbank Herford - Mindener Land believes that learning to swim is of great social importance. That is why we are pleased that one of the first initiatives was started in Herford and is still going strong," commented Andreas Kelch, head of the public relations department.

"As a local company, we always support socially relevant projects on a selective basis. Especially the support of children is an important concern for us," adds Marketing Manager Regina Rogalla for the Weinrich company.

Hola Peanuts

Start-up meets traditional family business.

Together with the start-up Hola Peanuts from Paderborn, we have developed a great new product: Creamy peanut butter with the flavour of Weinrich chocolate!  The special thing about this peanut butter is that it is 100% handmade in Paderborn with peanut kernels from Argentina and of course traditional Weinrich chocolate from Herford. Yet it gets even better: the peanut butters high protein content combined with the fact that it contains no palm oil or added sugar make a healthy and sustainable snack!

Available from us in the Bruchbude or, of course, in the Hola Peanuts online shop!


The Wandeltage 2021

Rethinking the world and finding solutions so that everyone can live well on our planet! That's what we want to do locally - together with many people and many small or big steps!" - Katharina Walckhoff

So much sustainability is in the region: the Wandeltage 2021!

There is so much sustainability in our region: once a year, the WandelTAGE take place, where companies, schools or initiatives present their contribution to a fair, ecological, common good-oriented present and future.

Weinrich can also be found on the WandelKARTE.

Anniversary Sustainable Environment Memorial

To ensure that wild bees, butterflies & co. continue to feel at home in our memorial insect hotel for many years to come, we have, developed in close cooperation with our local Herford Nature Conservation Group (NABU), nesting sites within newly built dry-stone walls as well as planting bees friendly. Wild roses, wild shrubs and summer liliac now provide insects with a diverse range of food. In this way, we want to offer native wild bee species and other insects an all-year-round habitat whilst playing our part in strengthening biodiversity and insect conservation in the region.

Due to the Corona pandemic, which continues to hold the world in its grasp to this day, we were unfortunately unable to celebrate our long-awaited 125th anniversary in 2020 as planned. Nevertheless, in order to honour this special anniversary appropriately, we worked on a special project together with the Herford Recycling Exchange. Our goal was to create an anniversary memorial which combines both Weinrich's long corporate history with our commitment to sustainability. The fruits of our labours using recycled materials in the form of an insect hotel formed using the numbers 1, 2 and 5 is now proudly displayed on our company grounds at the corner of Leineweberstraße.