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Your requests are as many and varied as our range of chocolate products. In order to help you contact us as easily as possible, you can find the name of the correct competent contact here.

Cord Budde

Owner and CEO

Thomas Bruchmann


Christian Opitz

Head of Accounting

Michael Meihöfer

Head of Domestic Sales

Jessica Lindemann

Head of Export and Marketing

Esther Fenn

Human Resources

Roland Kummer

Head of IT Department

Gita Gupta

Purchasing Director

Julia Möller/Jelena Radeljić

Sustainability Manager

Burkhard Husemeyer

Head of Quality Management/ Quality Assurance

Detlev Boekhaus

Head of R&D

Martin Wichmann

Head of Logistics

Hans-Joachim Kamphowe

Technical Operations Manager

Sabrina Hölzemann