Nachhaltigkeit Icon Sustainability Strategy 2025

As a chocolate manufacturer with over 125 years of experience in the art of chocolate, we at Weinrich have the vision of producing high-quality chocolate in harmony with the environment and nature. In doing so, we want to ensure that all people involved - our employees and the producers at the beginning of the supply chain - have good living and working conditions in order to pursue our vision with motivation and commitment:

To create moments of pleasure and bring joy to people with wonderful, high-quality chocolate.

In 2021 intensive work was done on developing a new sustainability strategy for Weinrich.

An interdisciplinary strategy team identified the four fields of action supply chain, team, resources and environment and formulated goals in order to initiate developments in a structured way in terms of social and ecological sustainability.


Materiality Analysis

Our materiality analysis shows all topics that are of specific importance to Weinrich and the society in the context of our business activities. We identified and sorted them based on dialogues with our staff and business partners.

Sustainability Strategy 2025