Sustainable Anniversary Display

Due to the ongoing situation, we were unfortunately unable to celebrate our 125th anniversary last year as planned. Nevertheless, in order to honor this special event appropriately, we worked together with Recyclingbörse Herford on a special project over the past few months. Our goal was to create an anniversary display that would, on the one hand, highlight Weinrich's long corporate history and, on the other, underscore our commitment to sustainability. The worthwhile result of this project can now be found on the undeveloped green space at the corner of Leineweberstraße. It is an insect hotel made in the form of the numbers 1,2 and 5. In the coming spring, a flower meadow made from regional seeds will also be planted to provide native wild bees and other insect species with a year-round habitat and nesting place, thereby strengthening regional biodiversity.


The buffet is open: To make sure that wild bees, butterflies & co. feel comfortable in our insect hotel for a long time, we have not only expanded the nesting sites by building a dry stone wall in close cooperation with the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union Herford (Naturschutzbund - NABU), but also planted bee-friendly plants in the area. Wild roses, wild perennials and summer liliac now offer insects a diverse range of food.

In this way, we want to offer native wild bee species and other insects a year-round habitat and strengthen biodiversity and insect protection in the region.

We would like to thank the Recyclingbörse and NABU Herford for the intensive partnership and the great implementation!