Our Anniversary Chronicle: 126 years of Weinrich

Our anniversary chronicle:: 125 plus one

Rummaging through old photo cases in the attic of the old founding family villa, exchanging letterheads from the 19th century with the museum in Herford, conducting moving interviews with colleagues, collecting facts and figures, pondering paper and colours with graphic designers and reminiscing with our CEO Mr Budde. This is what the year 2021 looked like in our marketing office. And now we can finally hold the result of this special project in our hands: Our anniversary chronicle!

On 120 pages, the unique history of our family business is told. Beautiful visuals paired with high-quality paper choices and sophisticated copper accents bring our now 127-year company history to life and immerse us in the exciting chocolate world of Weinrich.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the advertising agency K-Visions from Herford for the wonderful cooperation. 
Also a big thank you to the Museum of Herford, without whose love of Herford's city history a lot of information, contemporary testimonies and photos of our family business Weinrich would probably have been lost and forgotten.