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In addition to environmental protection, social sustainability plays a great role in our company. It is an important concern for us to take responsibility for our employees, who show great dedication to the production of our chocolates. Furthermore we support regional as well as international projects to strengthen social and cultural inittiatives.


In our opinion diversity enriches the society and companies, therefore it is important for us to live these values. We are setting an example for equal opportunities by signing the Diversity Charter. But we need to do more than signing a Carta. People from about 30 different nations work for us. Furthermore we offer people the opportunity to learn new skills so that they can join and progress in the job market. For example, we cooperate with social institutions in the district of Herford, such as "Jugendhilfe Schweicheln" or the association "Nadeschda", that helps women to escape human trafficking and forced prostitution.

Our annual fluctuation rate of only 1% demonstrates the success of the measures for our employees, which we maintain through preventive measures and a wide range of health services in various areas.

Public welfare

We have the sincere wish to support regional associations, projects or events in the form of chocolate products or donations in the district of Herford. Our company supports for example youth sports or cultural activities such as "Hits and Kids Musical" from Musikkontor Herford e.V..

Due to the international sourcing of our raw materials and the associated social and environmental impacts at a global level, we bear great responsibility: in addition to the continuous improvement of our supply chains (e.g. development of human rights due diligence) we are supporting projects with our trading partners in the raw material producing countries Dominican Republic, Ghana and Malawi.