DLG Gold Award

Five dark chocolates of our own brand Elysia and our anniversary chocolate bar were awarded gold!

With the awards in gold, silver and bronze, the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschaftsgesellschaft - DLG) provides consumers with reliable information about the product quality of various food products.

The test methods

Our Elysia 70%, Fleur de Sel, Chilli, Orange and Mint varieties, as well as our jubilee bar Finest Milk Cookie, were comprehensively analysed in accredited laboratories by experts from business and the food industry.

The testing framework includes sensory analyses (testing for appearance, smell, taste and consistency) as well as packaging and labelling tests.

In the sensory tests and in the laboratory analysis, the products are presented in anonymised form to ensure neutrality in the quality assessment.

This means that the testers have no knowledge of the manufacturer, brand or price of the product.
The result for the Weinrich products: The varieties submitted for testing fulfilled all test criteria flawlessly and thus received the DLG gold award!