Weinrichs 1895 Milk chocolateAmaretto Marzipan truffle 100gArticle number 61202035

Delicate milk chocolate with an amaretto marzipan truffle filling.

Nutritional informationaverage 100g
Condensing 2081 kJ / 498 kcal
- fatty acid
24,3 g
12,4 g
- sugar
57,6 g
56,3 g
Roughage2,8 g
Protein5,9 g
Salt0,2 g
Foodstuff Namemilk chocolate with amaretto liquer and honey marzipan filling
netto weight100 g


milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, cocoa mass, butter fat (4,5%), whey powder, hazelnut paste, emulsifier: lecithin (soya); vanilla extract), Amaretto liquer & honey marzipan filling (36%) (honey-marzipan (almonds, honey (45%)), sugar, glucose syrup, Amaretto liquor 60%vol (7,6%), palm fat, humectant(s): invertase).

Cocoacocoa: 30% minimum

May contain traces of:

gluten containing cereals, eggs and egg product